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More Than 20 Years of Proven Results!

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Baldwin Media is available for strategic communications 24/7. Our experience enables one to manage media encounters and crisis situations in a productive and professional manner.

Ann Baldwin and her firm have assisted individuals, businesses and corporations in a number of cases. We not only help with your response with the goal of managing impact, but we also become the conduit between you and the news media. We take that tremendously overwhelming task off of your plate.

We may have a matter of minutes, or a matter of days, but we will work with you (and perhaps your legal team) with a customized and strategic plan that will provide you with the tools and messages with the goal of minimizing the possible negative impact on your business or industry.

Meet Our Team



Senior Project Manager

Project Manager/ Director of Photography

The Media Has It’s Agenda - What is yours?

A situation happens within your industry and the media is calling. Are you prepared?

Remember, in today’s ever-changing media landscape - news travels fast! Whether through Social Media, traditional media, National News, or the local press, your crisis could be out for the public to see in a matter of a second.

Our Services

With over 20 years of experience, Ann has built a national reputation for wholeheartedly assisting clients in a multitude of industries - better helping them “Manage their Message”.

Ann has worked on both sides of the microphone as a former news reporter/ news anchor - offering a unique perspective to her clients.

Ann also has experience dealing with Social Media, Local, Regional, and National Media Outlets.

Ann has been able to utilize her multitude of media contacts, and her years of expertise in this area to better work for her clients.

Media Training/

Presentation Skills

Effective leadership requires strong communication skills. This is why Baldwin Media: Strategic Communications provides executive media training and communications coaching. Our 1-on-1 or group executive coaching sessions combine our 20+ years of experience, with proven best practices in communications, to prepare you to lead meetings, deliver important news to stakeholders, have difficult conversations, and prepare you for public speaking engagements, radio, TV, or digital media interviews.

At Baldwin Media: Strategic Communications we understand that within the category of business crises specifically, there are a number of different situations with the potential to cause great damage to your company no matter your industry, size, or resources. All businesses are susceptible to these crises, so it’s critical to be prepared for anything that may come your way to avoid a corporate downfall. You can prepare your business for the possibility of one of these unplanned events by implementing a crisis management plan, understanding the stages of a crisis, and ensuring you have the right people by your side to help you manage and work through a crisis.

Crisis Management/ Media Management